Ecology & Music

Organizing classical music concerts in a place that is blessed with such natural beauty has a deep and sincere meaning for us.
The harmonious sound of classical music has the power to harmonize the mind and heart of the human being as well as the nature that surrounds it.
In our culture today, as a result of the harmful effects of sometimes irresponsible and other times ruthless behaviour towards natural life, there is a growing need to change those erroneous attitudes that are putting at risk the harmony of the kingdoms of nature, with serious consequences for future generations.

The earth will change its landscape as a response to these mistakes. This is the time, as sensitive and conscious beings, for helping all those who are dealing with this delicate matter and, within our means, to contribute towards restoring and preserving that which is still possible.

Certainly, not all of the problems are caused by humans. Evolutionary processes, that each living being goes through, and the earth is not an exception, all conjugate in unison.

Classical music interpreted with the necessary intention and spiritual commitment - the result of deep love for every being that is included in it, that is part of its wonderful and multifaceted life - is one of the most effective and necessary means to balance what this situation has created.
The great composers have expressed - in harmonic sounds full of beauty - a space, a subtle vibration, which is implicit in every being. This vibration, delicate like no other, needs to be first of all heard in silence, in the calmness of a natural space, so that we can understand what we are and where we are.

Therefore, for us, organizing concerts also means cooperating with nature, humbly offering musical experiences that are the closest and most compatible thing to nature’s essence that human beings have been able to achieve with Art.

The ecological aspect of music is present in the consciousness of the power of sound that comes from musicians that are capable of fulfilling this function due to their artistry and their unconditional service to music.